The Denver Post: Cellphones On A Plane: What They’re Saying and What They’re Missing.

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Via The Denver Post’s Techknow Bytes by Andy Vuong on November 25, 2013.

As reports surfaced Friday about the federal government’s plans to review whether to lift its ban on in-flight cellphone use, the chief concern among travelers was that they’d be stuck next to a big-time yacker for the duration of a flight.

“I consider myself a road warrior and I cannot imagine being next to a person talking non-stop on a phone for a three-hour flight,” eBags co-founder Peter Cobb told me. “I would run to one of those Bose kiosks to buy noise-canceling headphones.”

“I think that if cellphones are safe then it should be up to consumers and airlines to decide,” said Michael Price, executive director of Coalition for a Connected West, a technology advocacy organization. “It just goes to show how different our world is and how ubiquitous mobile technology has become.”

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